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Challenges Of Finding A Medicare Supplement Plan In Fort Myers Florida

Medicare and Medicare Supplement Plans

A form of health insurance funded by the federal government of the United States, Medicare provides access to healthcare to US citizens above the age of 65, and to citizens under age 65 with specific conditions.  Medicare has different plans (A-D) and health coverage and aims to help older people and people living with special health conditions have better and easier access to quality health in the United States.  Basic Medicare plan A includes payment for the visit to the hospital; B covers a visit to the doctor’s office and outpatient care, for C, Medicare partners with private health insurance companies to limit out-of-pocket costs and D covers for drugs and vaccines.  Plan C is called The Medicare Advantage.  As enticing as Medicare sounds, the whole process of getting enrolled and deciding the best plan that works for you can get confusing and sometimes, overwhelming.  It may even get worse if you do not know your rights or if you get inaccurate information.  In other cases, despite having a Medicare plan, you may incur very high out-of-pocket costs.  Medicare Supplement plans were created to solve these problems.  One of such is Medigap.  Medigap allows citizens to buy extra health plans from private health companies to cover for costs not included in the original Medicare.  This implies that one must be enrolled in Medicare before being eligible for Medigap.

Challenges we face in Fort Myers, Florida?

Florida boasts of having a high number of retirees and senior citizens.  This makes the state the go-to place to get enrollment for Medicare.  According to the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), as of 2015, 4 million residents of Florida had enrolled in Medicare.  In getting Medicare supplement plans in Fort Myers, Florida, one of the challenges faced is that the premiums paid are dependent on the health companies offering health insurance.  For example, a resident in Orange County may have to pay more or less than a person who lives in another county in Florida for the same Medicare plan.  This poses a challenge because there are chances that premiums are not affordable for every citizen in the state.  Also, cases of not being able to afford a premium that suits one’s health needs can arise.  What then is the point of a health insurance plan that is not accessible because one’s budget doesn’t fit?

Another challenge is that private insurance companies may decide to stop covering health bills once one chooses to drop original Medicare.  As one grows older, one may choose to opt out of the original Medicare with the hope of sticking to a supplement affordable health insurance plan.  However, these companies may choose to deny them insurance when such step is taken.  What’s more, is that the health insurance beneficiaries do not know this until they are in dire need of medical help.  This may result in high out-of-pocket costs; despite having enrolled for insurance.  In finding supplemental Medicare plans in Florida, it is essential to understand the rules and regulations of whichever health insurance company one is willing to enroll with.  Also, understanding the terms of an agreement and what exactly is covered in the agreement is very pertinent so as not to be caught unawares when the need for healthcare arises.